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quinta-feira, março 11, 2010

"Focus on Higher Education in Europe 2010: The Impact of the Bologna Process"

«We are pleased to announce a new Eurydice study:

· Focus on Higher Education in Europe 2010: The Impact of the Bologna Process
This study presents an overview of the progress on higher education reform made in the 46 countries in the Bologna process. It is based on authoritative evidence from each country, and provides a clear comparative view of how the issues have been addressed at national level.
This report shows that the Bologna Process has largely met its initial objectives, thanks to a joint approach which has delivered more than would have been the case if countries had acted separately.
The three-cycle degree system and higher quality standards are now the norm across Europe, although recognition of qualifications is still a problem in some cases.
The report highlights differing responses to the economic crisis and concludes that it is more vital than ever for Europe to act cohesively and to invest in higher education modernisation to help citizens adapt to new economic, demographic and social realities. Action to encourage socially disadvantaged groups and adult learners to participate in higher education also needs to be accelerated, it says.
The study also underlines that countries need to do more to encourage student mobility. European programmes have been the major catalyst in this area and it recommends that this should be a priority for the European Higher Education Area.
The study is available on the Eurydice website in English, together with a memo and a press release. The French and German translation of the study will be published later this year.
We will send you a hard copy of this study in May 2010.

Best regards,

Head of sector Publications, Promotion and Communication
EACEA P9 Eurydice
Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
(reprodução de mensagem que me caiu entetanto na caixa de correio electrónico, reencaminhada por Maria Irene Gaspar Rodrigues)

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